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Vision for re•Knōw•vate:


Orienting your organization’s innovation so you can solve today’s most pressing problems


Bringing biotech products to the field for 30 years 

Commercialized native and recombinant microbes, biochemical actives, transgenic crops, and genome editing technology

Professional Profile

  • Experienced leader bringing biotechnology products to the field for 30 years.
  • Drove science and technology innovation within a startup and a multi-national corporation.
  • Innovated technical and regulatory paths to commercialize native and recombinant microbes, novel
    biochemical actives, transgenic crops, and genome editing technology.
  • Significant external leadership in precompetitive venues (NSF-IUCRC, NSF-ERC, 501c3).
  • National and international engagement in synthetic biology technology advocacy and policy governance
  • Passionate advocate for science and technology policy to advance national science education, infrastructure, biosecurity, and workforce development to positively impact the bioeconomy by contributing to a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

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  • Cross-disciplinary technical depth in biochemistry, microbial physiology and analytical biochemistry
  • Innovated science applications on product candidates to impact regulatory evaluation
  • Contributes meaningfully in pre-competitive venues to drive value creation
  • Excellent grasp of science, technology, and policy and can communicate across these domains
  • Proven partner in providing industry input for national science policy advice or advocacy
  • Proven partner to government sponsors of research for providing input, advice or formal evaluations
  • Consistently able to scan technology landscapes for impactful developments at a horizon 2-5 years out
  • Proven ability to organize and lead scientific teams in solving important problems with ambiguous
    starting points
  • Deep practical and literature understanding of impactful scientific career development in small and
    large companies

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