Re•orienting yesterday's know•ledge to catalyze how we inno•vate today

Why Re-knowvate?



  • Explore regulatory framework where ultimate product would be assessed
  • Optimize technical strategies early to anticipate and manage needs of evaluators
  • Examine technical routes to optimize the chance a novel idea can be turned into an impactful product


  • Evaluate technical, regulatory and public engagement strategies to minimize probability of repeating historical approaches which led to product failures
  • Provide senior leaders with insights to consider benefits of engagement in public-private partnerships
  • Provide insights into innovation culture, barriers to innovation
  • Explore what constitutes a compelling, vibrant scientific career ladder to challenge and retain the right contributors and attract new talent

Government and Not-For-Profits

  • Deliver insights in transitioning inventions from the public sector to venues where they can be developed, how to accelerate or remove barriers to this process
  • Provide qualified advice or input to programs or policies which accelerate or inhibit putting biotechnology into practice commercially; leverage experiences with NAS and Congressional briefings
  • Deliver insights in Biosecurity relevant to agriculture and applied biotechnology focused on external releases


  • Articulate value of participation in pre-competitive venues and develop actionable plans which optimize the chance for value creation in those venues
  • Scan horizon for particular technology developments or signals of changes in public or regulatory perceptions and articulate potential impacts to your entity
  • Input or insight into potential polices which impact biotechnology

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